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Elizabeth Franklin-Best, a criminal appellate lawyer seeking freedom for her clients.  Focused exclusively on criminal appeals in both state and federal courts.

Category: Asset Forfeiture

US v. Damian Phillips & $200,000 (4th Cir., filed 2/21/18): Fourth Circuit Decides Appropriate Test for Third-Party Standing in Civil Forfeiture cases.

March 6th, 2018
Elizabeth Franklin-Best

Government pockets $200K without even having to swear out a warrant. Another infuriating civil forfeiture case, here the Government seized $200,000 located in a storage unit even though there were no charges filed, or any investigation conducted.  A police dog alerted on a storage unit.  No drugs were found, but $200,000 was present in 12 vacuum-sealed plastic b

US v. Elliot, et al., 6th Circ., filed 11/30/17, Honeycutt Remand on Forfeiture Issue

December 5th, 2017
Elizabeth Franklin-Best

Abolishment of joint and several liability for forfeitures pursuant to §853(a)(1) of the Comprehensive Forfeiture Act of 1984. The defendants in this case were convicted of being participants, in varying roles, in a "pill mill" scheme. Located in Florida, they were indicted in the Eastern District of Kentucky for conspiracy to distribute oxycodone in that area.  As the government proved at trial, numerous purchasers of the o