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Have you or a loved one been wrongfully convicted? Was the sentence of you or a loved one harsher than it should have been? Does freedom seem next to impossible? Are you losing hope? Don’t. Our federal criminal appeals lawyers have helped many people in the same situation regain their freedom and get a second chance at life.

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In 2008, I was convicted of homicide by child abuse and sentenced to 35 years in prison. My case ended up in the appellate defense office. I felt so hopeless at that time. It was only 2008, and my release date wasn’t until 2039.

Mrs. Best kept in constant contact with me through letters and was very encouraging when I spoke with her on the phone while in prison at Camille Griffin Graham in South Carolina…

I have been free since 2013. If it wasn’t for her and her hard work there’s no way I would be out of prison right now. The Court finally reversed my conviction in 2013…

I repeat the supreme Court let me go!!!! I thank God for her if you’re looking for someone that’s truly going to fight for you, I would highly recommend Mrs. Best you will not be disappointed if you don’t believe this, please look my name up I’m in the wrongfully convicted database.

God used her to help me, and I am forever grateful! Mrs. Best, thank you!!!!! You will be forever in my heart I’ll never forget you!

Paris Avery

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