Women’s White Collar Defense Association, South Carolina Chapter

Women’s White Collar Defense Association, South Carolina Chapter

The South Carolina Chapter of WWCDA was launched November 1, 2023. The South Carolina Chapter boasts a membership of highly experienced and enthusiastic women lawyers who are passionate about the defense of clients and creating a community to assist fellow female practitioners across the state. The members of the South Carolina Chapter hail from numerous legal backgrounds and expertise including appellate defense, civil and criminal asset forfeiture, federal and state trial defense, and government investigations. Members of the South Carolina chapter include former Department of Justice officials directly involved in the prosecution and enforcement actions of white collar crimes.


The Women’s White Collar Defense Association (WWCDA) promotes the common business and professional interests of women attorneys and other professionals who specialize in white collar and other defense and compliance work.  Their clients are corporations, other organizations and individuals facing government enforcement actions (criminal, civil, regulatory, and administrative), internal investigations, and compliance issues. WWCDA promotes diversity in the legal and consulting professions, organizes business activities to facilitate networking and business development opportunities for women in the field, and provides educational programming focused on the defense of government enforcement actions, conducting internal investigations, and counselling on compliance matters.

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