If you suspect INTERPOL has issued a Red Notice against you, we can help.  We are prepared and willing to put our experience with complex litigation to use to assist you with Red Notice removal or Diffusions to protect your ability to travel freely abroad. 

INTERPOL Notices: What They Mean and How We Can Help

If you are concerned that a Red Notice has been issued against you, we can assist you first in confirming the existence of the notice (since the vast majority of Red Notices are not public), and then we can assist in arguing for the Red Notice removal.  All of this can be handled confidentially as we work to protect your ability to travel abroad. 

Red Notice

A Red Notice serves as an alert issued by INTERPOL to track down and provisionally detain an individual pending extradition, based on accusations of serious crimes in a member country. While it significantly impacts the individual’s freedom and may lead to extradition, it is important to remember that it does not equate to an international arrest warrant; such authority rests solely with the member nations.

If you know a Red Notice has been issued against you, there is a process for challenging that notice and either having the notice completely removed or having information corrected. Our firm can communicate with the appropriate authorities and marshal the evidence and arguments you need to present to have the Red Notice or Diffusion withdrawn.  

Blue Notice

A Blue Notice is a tool used by INTERPOL to gather information about a person’s identity, location, and criminal history at the request of a member country. This can help in tracking suspects or relevant individuals without directly calling for their arrest or extradition.

As your INTERPOL defense attorneys, we will meticulously review the issuing country’s case that led to the Red Notice being issued and craft and present the arguments and evidence needed to have it removed.  

Green Notice

INTERPOL issues Green Notices as alerts to warn about individuals who are suspected of committing crimes internationally and are considered potential repeat offenders. These notices serve to inform member countries about threats posed by these individuals, facilitating precautionary measures.


Diffusions are informal alerts used by INTERPOL for the rapid exchange of information between member countries, similar to notices but without the formal review process. They can lead to significant legal and personal consequences for individuals targeted by these diffusions.

With diffusions, we address any legal challenges promptly and effectively. We will work with issuing member states to resolve issues and conflicts and work to have the diffusion removed to safeguard your right to be free from unlawful arrest and detention while present in another country.

Red Notice Removal, Handling Extradition, and Managing Proceedings On Your Behalf

In any legal proceedings connected to INTERPOL notices, we stand by you, offering expert advocacy to protect your rights and interests. This involves gathering and presenting evidence, making compelling arguments, and negotiating on your behalf with legal authorities and INTERPOL. If you’re facing extradition linked to an INTERPOL notice, we are available to assist in your defense.  


Our Goal: Defending Your International Rights and Reputation 

Our ultimate focus is on safeguarding your legal rights, freedom, and reputation internationally. We strive to mitigate the negative effects an INTERPOL notice could have on your life. As your INTERPOL defense attorneys, we’re committed to acting as your dedicated ally, utilizing our legal expertise and in-depth understanding of international law and INTERPOL’s procedures to effectively defend your rights and interests.

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