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If you have been charged with a white-collar crime or if you believe you are under investigation by federal authorities, stop what you are doing, and contact our office now — do not speak to federal agents or appear for grand jury testimony until you have consulted with an experienced federal white-collar criminal defense attorney.

Based in Columbia, SC, Elizabeth Franklin-Best, a criminal defense attorney, can represent clients charged with white-collar criminal issues including tax, insurance, and healthcare fraud. Elizabeth is admitted to practice at the Federal District Court for the District of South Carolina as well as the Second Circuit Court of Appeals, Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals, Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals, and the United States Supreme Court.

White-Collar Crime

The main thing that distinguishes white-collar crimes from other crimes is that they are typically financially motivated and free of violent action. For example, most forms involve fraud, corruption, or theft, and they involve money or assets but no physical damage to a person or premises.


The most common form of white-collar crime, fraud, is when a person obtains money or assets through deceit. Fraud covers a broad range of possible criminal charges, including mail fraud, wire fraud, healthcare fraud, insurance fraud, corporate fraud, securities fraud, and bank fraud. These forms of fraud are distinguished by the means by which someone commits an act of fraud.


Corruption generally applies to public or elected officials and involves the abuse of power and influence for a personal agenda. Corruption includes acts such as bribery (which utilizes gifts and favors), extortion (which utilizes threats of violence or misuse of power), and blackmail (which utilizes threats of revealing private information).

Other Crimes

White-collar crime can apply to several other kinds of crime including money laundering, forgery, identity theft, and racketeering.

Experienced Attorneys

At Elizabeth Franklin-Best, P.C., we are prepared to represent you in your white-collar criminal case. If you believe you are under investigation by the federal government for a white-collar crime, contact us immediately. We will help you know what you should and shouldn’t say or do. We will help you navigate the investigation, trial, sentencing hearings, and appeals.

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