Elizabeth Franklin-Best

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Elizabeth Franklin-Best, a criminal appellate lawyer seeking freedom for her clients.  Focused exclusively on criminal appeals in both state and federal courts.

U.S. v. Shepard, Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals, Filed June 15, 2018: Re-Loading and the Vulnerable Victim Enhancement

June 22nd, 2018
Elizabeth Franklin-Best

State v. Brown, South Carolina Supreme Court, Filed June 13, 2018: No Search Warrant Necessary for an Abandoned Cell Phone

June 20th, 2018
Elizabeth Franklin-Best

In State v. Brown, decided last week, the SC Supreme Court held that, when a burglar drops their cell phone at the crime scene and does not attempt to recover it, they no longer have a reasonable expectation of privacy in its contents and police do not need to get a warrantbefore searching the phone. The alleged victims realized that their home had been burgl