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Following a criminal conviction, most people choose to file criminal appeals. You should not take this step lightly, and you should consider working with a skilled criminal appellate attorney to make sure you protect your rights. If you’re ready to file a criminal appeal with the help of an experienced lawyer in Columbia, SC, Elizabeth Franklin-Best can help.

Ms. Franklin-Best owns a boutique law firm that is dedicated to its clients and takes an aggressive approach to advocacy. Get high-quality legal representation as you appeal your conviction and ask a higher court for a review of your conviction and sentence. Contact Elizabeth Franklin-Best, P.C. today to learn more.


Criminal Appeals

Following a criminal conviction, a defendant has 14 days to file a notice of intent to appeal with the South Carolina Court of Appeals. An appeal can be filed to correct legal mistakes made during trial. There are a number of different issues that can be raised during a criminal appeal:


  • A defendant can challenge the sufficiency of the evidence used to convict.
  • A defendant can raise issues relating to the suppression of evidence or errors admitting evidence that should not have been admitted.
  • A defendant can challenge jury instructions that were improper.
  • A defendant can also raise issues of improper closing arguments made by the Solicitor.

If you lose your case in the Court of Appeals, an appellant can then challenge his conviction in the South Carolina Supreme Court and then the United States Supreme Court. If you win in the South Carolina Court of Appeals, you may be able to obtain an appellate bond while the State seeks review of the case.

With a criminal appeals attorney on your side, you’ll have a stronger team and a persuasive advocate on your behalf.

With 20 years’ experience advocating on behalf of clients facing criminal charges such as violent felonies and whitecollar crimes, Ms. Franklin-Best is experienced and reliable. She’ll help you navigate the complex legal avenues involved in your appeal and present the most compelling arguments to obtain a reversal in your case. The goal of Elizabeth Franklin-Best, P.C. is to obtain our clients’ liberty and return them to their lives and families.

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